5 star hotel with an intimate atmosphere in Chambéry


The artof receiving

The PetitHôtelConfidentiel, step out of time…

We’ve been writing new pages in its story for several years now – a story bringing us fulfillment day after day, we’re letting you into the secret of the PetitHôtelConfidentiel…

Relaxation and well-being, in a cocoon of softness. A subtle woody scent, silky textures, a restrained hush… What if your stay was an experience in itself and that the residence welcoming you thrilled your senses? At the PetitHôtelConfidentiel, every area is a backdrop for your emotions.

From a shared passion came an extraordinary human adventure. Let us tell you our story, the tale of two people who love life, committed to welcoming travelers from throughout the world to a unique place, a place you’ve always dreamed of, almost a sanctuary.

Stepping out of the dream into reality

My husband Jérôme and I (Charlotte) have always been thrilled by beautiful things. Refined decoration, gourmet dishes, exotic scents… We’re avid for new discoveries and we love sharing them with those close to us. Our greatest joy lies in seeing others spellbound. We love these authentic moments, exchanging ideas, sharing and laughing. But let’s go back a few years when we were still just two ambitious young people looking for a bright future …

Graduate of the Thonon hotel school, Jérôme worked in prestigious establishments before making one of his childhood dreams come true by setting up his luxury car dealership. Globetrotter and passionate entrepreneur, his desire to undertake new enterprises was still intense.

As far as I was concerned, as far back as I remember I’ve had a passion passed on by my mother: the art of making a guest feel special. With her, every moment becomes exceptional, generosity is her strongest characteristic. Since I was a very young child, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy wonderful stays in luxury hotels belonging to family or friends. Lucky and determined, my passions have been the driving force in my life. After training in tourism, making numerous trips and holding positions in high-end stores, I was dreaming of creating a new place.

It was on our honeymoon that Jérôme and I developed the overwhelming desire to create a new concept reflecting our identity. The result of this joint reflection seemed obvious – we immediately imagined an original hotel concept, intimate, focused on savoir vivre and developing a different idea of luxury. Far from the usual clichés, we dreamed of a new definition of luxurious; ostentatious luxury was out, we were looking for luxury defined by attention to detail, attentiveness, kindness and sincerity.

Elegance without opulence

The bright idea gained momentum, during our honeymoon on the other side of the world we’d christened it the “PetitHôtelConfidentiel”, and two dreamers with stars in our eyes, bought our first ever site in the historical heart of Chambéry., We had immediately fallen under the spell of this building and its undeniable charm; it was fully renovated in just three months, the arcades in the “rue de Boigne” providing exceptional potential. It was neither a hotel nor a guest house, it was an independent suites coupled with a hotel service. Something that had never been seen before in the hotel industry! To our great surprise, this unorthodox luxury product was immediately successful.

Even before this proof of success, we had been imagining creating a hotel scattered through the town center, with very high-end rooms and suites nestled in the most attractive buildings in the historical center of Chambéry. Fate intervened, with meetings, real estate opportunities and logistic practicalities leading us to focus our activity round a central building, rue de la Trésorerie. This fifteenth century building, one of Rousseau’s haunts, captivated us straight away.

Dreaming eyes wide open.

Quickly, our dream came to life when we acquired a surface of 150 m2 which we transformed into 3 spacious suites; from then on, one by one new rooms appeared in different parts of the building. The rooms are scattered about, every day people from Chambéry meet travelers from all kinds of places, and the magic works.

Our cocoon of softness now has 9 suites and 8 rooms, each with an entirely different atmosphere. We don’t plan ahead, we like to let our instinct take over or follow our hearts on impulse and we enjoy perfecting the atmosphere that has evolved little by little. Objects unearthed on stalls in “Place Saint Léger” sit next to pieces created by prestigious designers. We want to stand out by out by our attention to detail and special little touches.

Whether you spend a night, a weekend or a week, we’ll do all we can to make your stay at the PetitHôtelConfidentiel unforgettable. At the PetitHôtelConfidentiel, we prefer to be discreet… We welcome you to our residence like friends, by giving you a personalized welcome, pampering you, always being available to make your stay a real getaway. Our concept of luxury is about detail, all the little touches and attention that enhance your daily life.

To share a secret, PetitHôtelConfidentiel is the fruit of our shared passion for travel, welcoming and sophistication. No matter why you need to escape, PetitHôtelConfidentiel is a destination in itself, part of the journey.

Even now, this magical adventure has us floating on cloud nine. If you’ll let me give you a piece of advice, it would be this: if you have a dream, give it the chance to come true …


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