Visit Chambéry

What to visit in Chambéry, near Petit Hôtel Confidentiel?  

Awakening the senses, a variety of experiences

Stylish picnic and cruise on the Savières Canal

An elegant picnic prepared by [PHC*****] and the romantic atmosphere of the Savières Canal: enjoy a private moment aboard an electric boat for an intimate outing... or the thrill of a motorboat for a more sporting adventure. All are good reasons for an enjoyable experience on the water.

PHC bicycle ride and stylish picnic!

For your pastoral picnics and outings, discover the town or countryside alongside the water’s edge on your Dutch bicycle [PHC*****] made in France. Supremely stylish, we’re particularly fond of its comfortable saddle and vintage look that transports you back to another time. Let yourself be carried away...

Visit to the vineyards and wine-tasting with a wine-maker

With its vineyards planted on the plain or at the foot of the mountains, Savoie has wine at its heart. Discover the regional savoir-faire contained in a glass, the local grape varieties, and savour the wine-makers' passion for perfection.

Chambéry & its surroundings

Chambéry, City of Art and History

In Chambéry, in the heart of the Alps, charm is at work. From its secret passages to surprising trompe-l’œil paintings and dazzling colours, you will uncover a multitude of treasures.
Enjoy its pedestrian streets dotted with gourmet addresses, lively atmosphere and attractive boutiques, not to mention the rich details of its sculptures and ironwork and, of course, the castle, home to the Dukes of Savoie. Chambéry is an invitation to get out and about.
Our Concierge service is available to provide you with its favourite addresses and top suggestions.

Aix-les-Bains Riviera of the Alps: Naturally beautiful

“If there is a small town in the world where you taste the sweetness of life in pleasant and trusty company, it is Chambéry" – Jean Jacques Rousseau in Les Confessions. A land of water and untamed nature, where the mountains tumble into the lake, Aix-les-Bains, Riviera of the Alps, promises to transport you elsewhere, away from your day-to-day routine, and offers you the chance to reconnect with yourself and others for moments of intense well-being.

Annecy, the Venice of the Alps

Its lake with turquoise blue waters and canals that wind their way through the old town lend Annecy the name of the Venice of the Alps.

The Bauges and Chartreuse nature parks

Visit the protected areas of Savoie! Discover its natural wonders, wildlife, and breath-taking landscapes.

Baroque Art and Savoie, a monumental encounter

Visit the Baroque Trail with its 80 churches, chapels or oratories to visit on your own or with a guide, that highlight the treasures of Baroque Art in Savoie.

Music festivals: Estivales en Savoie, Musilac, Pharaonic, and more.

An eclectic programme of festivals in exceptional venues!

Memorable discoveries

The vineyards of Savoie, between lakes and mountains

Travel the tourist routes between lakes and mountains and discover the diversity and nobility of the wines of Savoie.

Lake Saint-André, a haven of charm

A nature outing along the Wine Route at the foot of the colossal Mont Granier cliff.

Local savoir-faire

Set out to discover a local savoir-faire that combines luxury with tradition.

Gourmet addresses

No fewer than 36 Michelin-starred restaurants to discover in the Pays de Savoie!
The Pays de Savoie offers an exceptional concentration of Michelin-star chefs both on its plains and in the mountains.

The Revard, our little Canada

With its flamboyant history, the Revard offers you a unique vista over the entire chain of the Alps, Mont-Blanc and Lake Bourget.

Thermal waters: Challes-les-Eaux and Aix-les-Bains

The Challes and Chevalley spas are two tourist destinations to reconnect with yourself and get back in tune with your natural rhythm. Acting as a natural medicine, experience this miraculous water for true regeneration.