Petit Hôtel Confidentiel, a 5-star hotel in Savoie 

A select refuge for the art of hospitality in Chambéry 

Nestled in the heart of the historic quarter of Chambéry, on a paved street that can only be accessed with a pass, the 5-star Petit Hôtel Confidentiel is an exclusive address shared among those who appreciate high-quality living.

At the foot of the Castle of the Dukes of Savoie, Petit Hôtel Confidentiel is the fruit of a love affair between Charlotte and Jérôme Reyes .

A couple’s project and life project to create their own idea of a hotel: a deeply human, genuine and personalised art of hospitality, an alternative vision of luxury.

"He loved the unobtrusiveness of true elegance…" Jean Cocteau 

Petit Hôtel Confidentiel is also the sum of the three words that make up its name. "Petit" because the adventure began with just one luxury suite beneath the arches of Rue de Boigne; "Hôtel", a townhouse made up of 17 rooms and suites on Rue de la Trésorerie; and "Confidentiel" because it is hidden behind a magnificent carriage entrance, in a small 15th century shop where the spirit of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who was a frequent visitor, can still be felt.

A 5-star hotel in Savoie, Petit Hôtel Confidentiel is the birthplace of a unique art of living in which kindness reflects a rare sincerity. In this hushed and delightfully private world, excellence is a prerequisite of authentic emotions, the starting point for a story to be appropriated and, in turn, completed.

With its all black infinite lobby, 15th century spiral stone staircase, spectacular garden laid out like a planted stage, well-being space, suspended walkways and light-bathed rooms, the hotel exudes charm. Everywhere you go, attention to detail and little surprises await your discovery.

With its 17 rooms and suites and its collection of bespoke services, Petit Hôtel Confidentiel places its guests’ needs centre-stage. The joy of entertaining and the sincerity of a welcome founded in pure pleasure. The memory of having been spoilt is exactly what Charlotte and Jérôme want you to take home with you. Confidence for confidence…