Petit Hôtel Confidentiel, a 5-star world 

An alternative vision of a luxury hotel

The atmosphere of the Petit Hôtel Confidentiel owes its unique appeal to its owners, Charlotte and Jérôme Reyes. To know them is to understand the world of this 5-star hotel. Everything here reflects their engaging and harmonious personalities. And you can be sure that nothing would be quite the same without them.

From one lake to another, Charlotte learned the art of family life on the shores of Lake Annecy . From her mother, she inherited her natural appreciation of high-quality hospitality and beautiful things. And from her father, she learned the spirit of entrepreneurship. Her drive and determination led her to study tourism before embarking on an exciting career in first an art gallery, then luxury boutiques and an events' agency. 

From an ocean to a lake, Jérôme grew up in the Canary Islands before moving to Chambéry and training at the hotel school in Thonon-les-Bains. His experience at the Noga Hilton in Geneva was the launch pad for a promising career, gently redirected by the passion he shares with his father for cars. Together, they opened the first SAAB dealership in Chambéry and then managed three of the prestigious brand's branches. 

When they met, Charlotte and Jérôme quickly realised that they had much more in common than just their mutual feelings for one another. They both share an appreciation for things done with love, have an almost childlike enthusiasm for life, value refinement without ostentation, and the exclusivity of tucked-away locations that exude charm. During their honeymoon, they came up with the idea of a style of hotel that reflected their personalities, but did not yet exist, and where friendliness and the personal touch would reinvent the codes of luxury. 

"Do things with love and with professionalism for the simple joy of making others happy"

Petit Hôtel Confidentiel seemed like the next logical step, or logical for them at least. Here, nothing is forced and all the care and attention on offer is genuine. This is perhaps a nod to their previous lives and their boundless desire to give back all the joy they experience in entertaining. When you open the door to Petit Hôtel Confidentiel and enter its rooms and suites, you enter the world of Charlotte and Jérôme, who are delighted to accompany you in your journey by offering you a bespoke interior for your stay in Chambéry.

So, you won't be surprised to hear Charlotte’s voice on the other end of the phone when you make your booking, or have her welcome you to the hotel and show you around, or even book you a cruise on the lake or a picnic among the vineyards. And nor will you be surprised to see Jérôme at the wheel of his Ape Calessino ferrying you to the hotel, parking your car, carrying your luggage to your room or tending to the flowers in the inner courtyard. Charlotte and Jérôme are Petit Hôtel Confidentiel.