Petit Hôtel Confidentiel's hive - Polyfloral signature honey

Posted on: Monday, June 21, 2021

For almost a year now, Petit Hôtel Confidentiel has new tenants! They enjoy buzzing around the municipality of Montagnole, 3km from Chambéry, where the hive [PHC*****] has been installed. The hive is cared for by Olivier Virot, the magic-maker of the Rucher du Fenestro.

It is a highly aromatic, all-flower honey in which you can detect notes of lime blossom, chestnut, clover, dandelion, apple, pear and wild cherry blossom. In their protected environment, at an altitude of 350m, the bees from the hive [PHC*****] gather pollen from all Savoie has to offer, producing an annual harvest of 10 to 12kg. It is Olivier Virot, a bee-keeper and nature enthusiast, who cares for them. Recycled beeswax, frames made from the wood he cuts, everything forms a virtuous cycle: Olivier Virot lives entirely from his profession. A passion that speaks volumes! His encounter with Charlotte and Jérôme Reyes-Million five years ago was down to chance and yet was a genuine revelation on both a personal and professional level. They share the same drive to deliver the very best and, above all, share a taste for the finer things in life, which is why Olivier's honey now adorns the table at [PHC*****]. 

With its own personal hive in activity for a year now, [PHC*****] offers a polyfloral signature honey to be enjoyed at breakfast, in the hotel cuisine, and even in the cocktails. We love its slow crystallisation, amber highlights, and fragrance that is both intense and mild at the same time, as streamlined as the relief of Savoie!