Tea room and cocktail bar - a new rendez-vous for gourmet pleasure

Posted on: Sunday, July 18, 2021

With its brand-new tea room/cake bar and cocktail bar, [PCH*****] declares its ongoing love affair with gourmet pleasure! Open from breakfast to lunch and until late in the evening, this versatile space exudes good taste and refinement. Discovery.

From Rue de la Trésorerie, the large bay windows are an invitation that gourmets will find difficult to resist. From the street, tantalising glimpses can be caught of the ham slicer, cake trolleys and impressive Victoria Arduino coffee machine. Inside, lounges for satisfying your curiosity and whetting your appetite are available from morning till night, with a snack service available at lunchtime. The atmosphere is inspired by all that is contained within the charm of refined eclecticism: dusty pinks, oranges, plenty of wood, welcoming sofas and ethnic armchairs, a chessboard, two small fireplaces and a host of other details conceived by Caroline Lory, interior designer and former colleague of Philippe Starck. 

What first catches the eye is the huge marble counter separating the tea room/cake bar area at the front of the space from the cocktail bar area at the rear. When it comes to cakes, free reign has been given to Cédric Pernot, a sugar virtuoso venerated by the people of Chambéry. With his delicious treats crafted like works of art, his macaroons, chocolates, biscuits and travel snacks, his cake-making has the art and gift of delighting the eyes and tantalising the taste buds. For an afternoon snack, a lunch break or simply to round off the day in style, anything is a good reason to abandon yourself to the incredible charm of this den of delights.

When it comes to the cocktail bar, the barman lays on the entertainment with creations straight from the imagination of Maison Dolin, a Chambéry institution that has imposed its Vermouth in the most fashionable spots around the world. Well-shaken cocktails but also virgin creations and sumptuous wines. At the start or end of the evening, the cocktail bar and its tapas have everything you need for a good time, with the [PHC*****] touch on top! 

We look forward to welcoming you very soon.